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Sacred Readings Archive
last updated: April 7, 2002

"Toward the One the perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty the only being united with all of the illuminated souls who form the embodiment of the master, the Spirit of Guidance."

This is a collection of Sacred Readings from the world's great spiritual traditions. Some are readings collected on a certain subject but do not record the sermon while others have, at times, extensive additional materials and/or a transcript of the actual sermon delivered.

Please enjoy these inspiring readings and contribute new sets of readings or additional materials on those present via email. If you are fluent in another language besides english and would like to create this archive in that language, your efforts would be greatly appriciated.

It is my hope that this work will help to form a foundation of support and tradition for the cherags of future generations and aid in the strengthening of the church and be a unifying force to bind Cherags world wide to our one and common Cause. One of the services is posted to the cheraglibrary list server email group once a week, usually on sudays. If you would like to join this mail group  go to cheraglibrary

Cherag Hamid Cecil Orion Touchon  

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Readings Archive

The Message Volumes of Hazrat Inayat Khan. 
These are gradually being created in an on-line friendly format at


some quotes on Meditation

Quotes from Hazrat Inayat Khan


Universal Worship Services

Surrender  - Azima Abbe Anderson - 18-09-11 (word doc)

The Elements - Azima Abbe Anderson (aaa-23-07-08)

Golden Rule - (esa-01-23-03) Cherag Espabad Babbs

Urs of Hazrat Inayat Khan - (esa-02-05-00) Cherag Espabad Babbs

Oneness of God - (esa-03-12-03) Cherag Espabad Babbs

Pir Vilayat's Passing [Funeral Readings] - (esa-06-20-04) Cherag Espabad Babbs

The Messenger and the Spirit of Guidence - (esa-07-24-03) Cherag Espabad Babbs

Nature - (esa-08-12-06) Cherag Espabad Babbs

Prayers for the Perpetrators (9/11)
- (esa-09-11-02) Cherag Espabad Babbs

Suffering and Forgiveness (9/11) - (esa-09-11-03) Cherag Espabad Babbs

The Message - (esa-
) Cherag Espabad Babbs

The Messiah - (esa-12-24-02) Cherag Espabad Babbs

War - (esa-12/31/02) Cherag Espabad Babbs

Answering the Cry of Humanity - (zf-01)
Cheraga Zaynab FitzPatrick

Unity (zf-02)Cheraga Zaynab FitzPatrick

The Word ( February 24, 2007) (zf-03)
Cheraga Zaynab FitzPatrick

DIVINE LIGHT - (PON-001) - Siraj Prajapati O'Neill

THE BREATH OF GOD - (PON-002) - Siraj Prajapati O'Neill

"Time for the Soul" - (CYT-001) - Prepared by Cheraga Cynthia Taylor - May, 1997 (w/additional materials) 

Purification  - (RMK-001) - Cherag Rashida Maxine Kaufman - New Dec 1, 1997- (w/additional materials) 

PATIENCE - (SG-001) - Cherag Suleiman Grosslight - (w/additional materials) 

Mastery   - (SG-002) - Suleiman Grosslight (10/94) 

"THE BIRTH OF CHRIST IN US" - (RCM-001) - Cherag Regina Coeli McKnight for the time around Christmas (readings only) 

DEVOTION: (RCM-002) - May, l992 Cherag Regina Coeli McKnight (readings only) 

The Divine Feminine Balance and the Sacred Feminine - (RCM-003) - by Regina Coeli McKnight (readings only) 

Divine Inheritance  (RCM-004) - Sept 1994   -  by Regina Coeli McKnight - (readings only) 

Divine Power of Healing  (RCM-005) - by Regina Coeli McKnight - (readings only) 

Forgiveness  - (RCM-006) - by Regina Coeli McKnight - (readings only) 

Going Beyond the Form in Worship - (RCM-007) - (August, l994) - Regina Coeli McKnight - (readings only) 

Gratefulness -  (RCM-008) - Nov. l993  - Regina Coeli McKnight - (readings only) 

The Heart Human and Divine  - (RCM-009) - by Regina Coeli McKnight - readings only 

HONORING OUR MOTHER EARTH  - (RCM-010) - May 1, l994 - Regina Coeli McKnight - readings only 

Hope, Optimism: the Divine Point of View - (RCM-011) - by Regina Coeli McKnight 

INNER PEACE  - (RCM-012) - by Regina Coeli McKnight 

Light  (RCM-013) - by Regina Coeli McKnight) 

THE MESSAGE AND THE MESSENGER - (RCM-014) - by Regina Coeli McKnight (Feb. 1994) 

New Beginnings/Freedom from the Past (RCM-015) Regina Coeli McKnight, (Jan.1995) 

Spirituality in Everyday Life - (RCM-016) - by Regina Coeli McKnight 

"Temple of Light" (RCM-017) - April 22, l990 - Malibu Retreat with Pir Vilayat 

Unity In Diversity- (RCM-018) - by Regina Coeli McKnight 

Work As Service  - (RCM0019) by Regina Coeli McKnight - (Labor Day Sunday) 

THE COMING LIGHT - (HCT-001) - Compiled by Cherag Malik Sanford and Cherag Hamid Touchon for a Christmas Day service (w/sermon) 

JUDGEMENTALNESS - (HCT-002) - Compiled by Cherag Hamid Touchon (w/sermon and additional materials) 

BE YOURSELF PERFECTLY - [HCT-003] - Compiled by Cherag Hamid Cecil Touchon [w/sermon] 

VESSEL OF EARTH AND SPIRIT - [HCT-004] - Compiled by Cherag Hamid Cecil Touchon [readings only] 

WEDDING READINGS - (HCT-005) - Compiled by Cherag Hamid Touchon (readings only) 

WEDDING READINGS 2 - (tmf-001) compiled by Cherag Tansen-Muni Fraley

LOVINGKINDNESS - [HCT-006] - Compiled by Cherag Hamid Cecil Touchon - [readings only] 

GUARDING THE DIGNITY OF OTHERS - (MD-001) - Compiled by Cherag Mikhail Davenport (w/additional materials) 

THE GRACE OF GOD - [MD-003] - Compiled by Cherag Mikhail Davenport [w/additional materials] 

THE GOLDEN RULE - (MD-004) - Compiled by Cherag Mikhail Davenport with sermon and additional materials by Cherag Hamid Touchon 

“UNITY IN DIVERSITY” - (LGM-001) - compiled by Cherag Leslie Gabriel Mezei [readings only] 

“SOCIAL JUSTICE“ - (LGM-002) - compiled by Cherag Leslie Gabriel Mezei (readings only) 

Ritual for a Same Gender Union - ( AAA-001) by Siraj Ahmaddin as-salik abd'allah

Wie ben ik? - (NF-001) -  Cheraga Nuria Faasen

Divine Light - (PO-001) - compiled by Seraj Prajapati O'Neil 

The Spirit of Guidance  - from the Petama Project website

Tolerance from the Rose Garden Web Site

Life of God from the Rose Garden Web Site

The purpose of Life, duty and responsibility - From the Rose Gardern website 

A Spiritual Life (KHB-001) - Cherag Karim Henry Beetz 


Serving the Message by Shaikh Nawab Pasnak  (SNP-001)

"Sacred Readings on Grace" Compiled by Cherag Mikail Davenport (MD-006)

“May All Have Peace” - (LGM-003) - Cherag Gabriel Mezei

 “Spiritual Responses to Violence” - (LGM-004) - Cherag Gabriel Mezei 

Funeral Readings from Alia

Subduing Desires & Passions compiled by Cherag Mikail Davenport(MD-007)

Joy - Cherag Nizam Monica Rose - NMR-001

Practical Spirituality - Rabiah Lily O’Cearnaigh - RLO-001