The Hindu religion-- as Rama,as Krishna,as Siva.
We read from the "Upanisads' 
translated by Max Muller -11 Anuvaaka 2

Do not neglect the (sacrificial)works due to the Gods and Fathers! Let thy Mother be to thee like unto a god! Let thy father to be to thee like onto a god! Let thy teacher be to thee like unto a god! Let thy guest be to thee like unto a god! Whatever actions are blameless,those should be regarded,not others. 
Whatever good works have been performed by us, those should be observed by thee.

The Buddhist religion. We read from the Dhammapada.chapter 3 

A Well Directed 
Mind Is Far Greater Than Even A Mother Or A Father.
What neither mother,nor father,nor any other relatives can do,a well directed mind does and thereby elevates one.
That is, the  mind directed towards the ten kinds of meritorious deeds namely, 1 generosity, 2 morality,3 meditation, 4 reverence, 5 service 6 transference of merit, 7 rejoicing  in other's merit, 8 hearing the doctrine, 9 expounding the 
doctrine,and 10 straightening one's right views. 

Zoroastrian religion, as Zarathustra.We read from the "Zend-Avesta"chapter 21
Aban Yast line 89. Edited by Max Muller.

'Oh pure, holy Zarathustra!  Ahura Mazda has  established thee as the master of the material world: Ahura Mazda has established me to keep the whole of the Holy creation.
"Through my brightness and glory flocks and herds and two legged men go on, upon the earth: I forsooth, keep all good things made by Mazda,  the offspring of the Holy principle, Just as a Shepherd  keeps his flock".

The religion of the American Indian. As an inspiring Teacher.
We read from"Seven Arrows" chapter-  the Pipe   Auther- Hyemeyohsts Storm.

Come sit with me and let us smoke the Pipe of Peace in understanding. Let us Touch.Let us, each to the other, be a gift as is the Buffalo. Let us be meat  to nourish each other, that we all may grow. Sit here with me, each of you as you are in your own perceiving yourself, as Mouse,Wolf,Coyote,Weasel,Fox or Prairie Bird.Let me see through your eyes. 
Let us teach each other here in this Great Lodge of the People, this Sun Dance, of each of the Ways on this Great Medicine Wheel, our Earth.

The Jewish religion, as Solomon.
We read from a translation of the Jewish Bible called the "Tanakh the Holy Scriptures".

Proverbs of Solomon, son of David the King of Israel  line 6.20.
My Son,keep your Father's commandment;
Do not forsake your Mother's teachings.
Tie them over your heart always;
Bind them round your throat.
When you walk it will lead you;
When you lie down it will watch over you;
And when you are awake it will talk with you.
For the commandment is a lamp,
The teaching is a light.  

The Christian religion- as Jesus.We read from the King James version. of the  Christian Bible.
Jesus' Mother and Brothers send for Him.Matthew 12:46
While He was still talking to the multitudes, behold, His Mother and Brothers stood outside, seeking to speak to him. 
Then one said to him,"look, Your Mother and Your Brothers are standing outside, seeking to speak to You".
But He answered and said to the one who told Him,"who is my mother and who are my brothers?"
and he stretched out His hand toward his disciples and said,"here are My Mother and my Brothers!
For whoever does the the will of My Father in Heaven is my Brother and Sister and Mother".

The Religion of Islam. As Muhammad. We read from "The Holy Qur'an". text, translation and commentary by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. Sura X11:Yusef 93-100.see c 112 Pg 576 and c 113 pg 584.
When the Caravan left  (Egypt),Their Father said: "I do indeed scent the presence of
Joseph:. Nay, think me not a dotard".
They said" By God! Truly thou art in 
thine old wandering mind."
Then when the bearer
of the good news came,
He cast(the shirt)
over his face,and he 
forthwith regained clear sight.
He said,"did I not say
to you,I know from God
that which ye know not?
They :"said O our Father! I
ask for us your forgiveness
for our sins,for we where truly at fault.'"
Then when they entered the 
presence of Joseph,
He provided a home for his 
Parents with himself,
and said"Enter ye  Egypt
all in safety,if it please God".
And he raised his Parents 
high on the Throne (of dignity)
and they fell down in prostration,All before him.
He said,"O my father,this the fulfillment of my vision of old.
God has made it come true.

Reading from the Gayan of Hazrat Inayat Khan page 68 

 If you walk on the path of light and yet seek the darkness,it is like being pulled by the two poles of  the earth; you are torn between them, and can go in neither direction.