The fairy angel enters as the singing bowl sings.   She is searching for Shiningstar, to awaken her and send her on the paths of the Flying Heart Labyrinth.

Shiningstar(Jackson, far left in photo) meets the White Bull , Guide to the green spiral of the labyrinth, the spiral of the East, Earth, youth, where the first story he will hear will be

The Shepherds and the Dragon
This is the end of the story when the dragon (Raphael), who as a baby was helped by the young shepherdess(Ariel, holding pole) in spite of the warnings from the old shepherdess(Alice upper right) against doing so, returns and saves the sheherdesses from a vicious robber (Aiden).

Shiningstar has learned much from this story and shows off by

 Shiningstar has learned much from this story and shows off by
riding the bull, who teaches him a lessonby flipping over, throwing
him off and turning into the black bull. 

On her way out of the green spiral, Shiningstar(Calissa, center) is confronted by (L to R) the Party Girl (Eliza), Mr. Self Doubt (Sanje') and Mr. Money Bags (Ben), but she uses the horns the bull gave her to PUSH them out of her way, and she stays on the path back to the tree of life in the center of the labyrinth

where she again grows, from being Calissa to being Eliza (kneeling behind Calissa) and is greeted by the Golden Dragon who will send her into the Yellow Spiral, the South, Water, Finding your way in the world.

In the Yellow Spiral Shiningstar is met by Shiva/Kali who teaches her
to dance the dance of Creation/Destruction.  Shiningstar's job in the world is to be a dancer and teach the dance.

After learning the dance, Shiningstar has again grown (Alifa, standing) and the Golden Dragon presents her with a crystel to help her to remember to see with her heart as she heads out of the Yellow Spiral.

After learning the dance, Shiningstar has again grown (Alifa, standing) and the Golden Dragon presents her with a crystel to help her to remember to see with her heart as she heads out of the Yellow Spiral.

One day Hanuman and his mother (Eliza) were enjoying a beautiful day, when Hanuman being a naughty monkey decides to play with the sun as if it was his toy.

The Sun becomes angry and calls on Indra (Andrew) who was flying by on his elephant, to punish Hanuman.  He knocks him down lifeless with a lightning bolt.  Here Vayu(Sanje"), Hanuman's father has discovered this and in his fury calls for all air to leave the world.  (Michael is on the edge of the stage preparing for his entrance with his 10 heads)

everything and everyone is dying.

After Vayu gets Indra to restore Hanuman and give him great magical powers, the story goes on to the day Ravanna kidsnaps Sita and Hanuman finds her jewels then encounters Rama and promises to help him find Sita.  Here Hanuman (Ben center) and his friend (Aiden) and his King (Michael) have been swallowed by a sea monster (Alice L & Ariel far R) on their way across the sea to find Sita.  Hanuman uses his magic to escape and they go on to find Sita at Ravanna's palace, then return for Rama.

There is a great battle, Rama (David far left) and the monkeys against Ravanna's son (Sanje' in front of David) and Ravanna (Michael, red shorts).

Rama (David far R) defeats Ravanna when Hanuman tells him his weakness, Hanuman returns Sita (Iris in purple) to Rama and all is well.  Unfortunately no photo of Ravanna's death as it was spectacular, thank you Michael.

Shiningstar has learned much from Hanuman but is immediately knocked down by a great elephant.  When she finally looks with her heart she sees it is Ganesha (Sanje') who then promises always to help her to remove obstacles.  Shiningstar moves out of the Yellow Spiral and back to the tree of life at center.

The Silver Flyin' Lion meets Shiningstar and challenges her to enter the Red Spiral of the West, Fire, finding your Spirit.

Shiningstar enters the Red and meets Spider Grandmother (puppet on my hand, SS is now Ariel who is cut off the left side of this photo) who shows SS how she gives birth to her daughters who create the sun, moon and stars(R) SS is meeting others who like herself have learned much and have much to offer.

In the foreground here are some of Shiningstar's new friends(putting on masks) in the form of Gods, Goddesses, Saints and Prophets from around the world.  They are about to join her to create...

the Spirit of Guidance Dance.  They dance to heal the world.

The Silver Flyin' Lion congradulates Shiningstar and she is ready for the final spiral of the labyrinth as she leaves the red and returns to the tree of life.

The Black Bull sends SS(grown again, now played by Pauline far L in photo) into the purple where she plays the part of Hades in the story of Persephone(Ariel, 2nd from L, next to her Zeus is Iris and next to her Demeter played by Alice, Demeter's little animals are Callisa, Eliza and Alifa)  This and another story (not shown) teach Shiningstar about
the cycles of death and regeneration and prepare her to give a great gift to the world...

The Rainbow Peace Dragon brings everyone in the play and everyone in the audience together to dance and play music and send the colors, elements, stories and lessons and fun of the Flying Heart Labyrinth Theatre into the world, Shiningstar's gift.

The End.  Everyone returns to the stage for a big bow.