Some Sufi Stories

A western man came to a Sufi Master to learn, as he heard about him from others that he is an enlightened soul. When the searcher entered to his house, he saw that an old Sufi was sitting on the corner, alone.
He was shocked and asked the Sufi: ` I heard that you are a famous
Sufi and here you are simply sitting without any furniture even a bed, how is it possible?'
Sufi master laughed and asked him: 'Where is your furniture?'
He said: ` I am a tourist and no tourist carry his furniture with him.'
Sufi master looked in to his eyes and replied:`I too a tourist, just a tourist and tourist never carry any furniture with him.'

A dervish appeared in nasrudin's village, and offered villagers to teach them to read - instantly, by touch. 
Nasrudin, illiterate like all the villagers, volunteered. 
The dervish touched his forehead, and told him to go and read a book. 
Nasrudin went home. 
After a while returned, holding a book and yelling: "Where is this fraud so I can bash him!"
"What happened?", asked the vilagers.
"This book which i've just read, states clearly that all dervishes are cheats and frauds!" said nasrudin. 
"But he taught you to read!" said one person.
"That doesn't matter. This book is highly authoritative, and i want to give this cheat the thrashing he deserves!"

Mulla Nasreddin was not invited to attend to a meeting of scholars. 
Nevertheless, all of a sudden he came. They asked him why he came as he had received no invitation.
Mulla Nasreddin then said: "If the master of the house doesn't understand what his duty is, then it is my task not to forget what to do!"