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A Special Message from The Message Council 
of the Sufi Order International

The members of the Message Council of the Sufi Order International offer their love and support to you in the aftermath of the September 11th catastrophe. May we find guidance, wisdom, and support in the Message and teachings given by Hazrat Inayat Khan as we continue with prayers for protection, peace, illumination and unity. Recognizing that the hearts and minds of all of the members of our spiritual family, no matter where they may reside, have been deeply impacted by this event, the Council offers the following recommendations.

We hope that all mureeds might take this opportunity to search deeply within their individual and collective experience, and be present to any need for ongoing healing, as well as for ways to respond to the unfolding world situation with appropriate action. We call upon the local SOI Representatives to offer love, safe haven and inspiration to each other and all mureeds at this time. Some ways to foster spiritual community include samas, dances, classes, Universal Worship, the Healing Service, as well as potlucks or teas.

We encourage local Centers to initiate the Confraternity of the prayers. We encourage all mureeds to support and take full advantage of these opportunities to come together, and to attend to others with particular sensitivity.
We ask mureeds who feel a need for additional spiritual support to stay in close contact with their personal guide. This is a time of deep and rapid transition that can bring up pain, confusion, doubt and suffering for some time. This time has also unleashed tremendous energies that may be constructively harnessed for the creation of more evolved states of consciousness and conscience, as well as responding to the emergency call that has arisen from the world at large. The direction of our effort in the inner world may be through our spiritual practices: the prayers, wazaif, and concentrations; through our linkage to the Silsila of the Masters, Saints and Prophets of all the world's religions, and particularly through our linkage with Hazrat Inayat Khan. 

The direction of our outer effort may be through attending to the manifestation of the Message at home and in the local community. We urge mureeds to consider developing appropriate action through the venue of our various outwardly oriented activities: the Universal Worship, the Healing Order, Kinship and Ziraat. Additionally, everyone might consider in what ways they can best support those national and international organizations they feel in resonance with. The Pirs, and the members of the Council, will follow these initial recommendations with personal messages, offering further orientation around the issues that concern our community, as well as all people of the world.

With deepest regards,
The Message Council
Pir Vilayat, Pir Zia, Taj, Shahabuddin, Musawwira, Himayat, Sarida, Aziza, Nigel, Munir, Prajapati, Shams, Saki, Devi, Zahir, Kalimi