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A Message from Himayat Inayati

September 11th reoriented the citizens of this planet in very powerful, and 
painful manner. Many suffered and died.  Many others still suffer, and many 
will continue to suffer for some time. September 11th destabilized the 
existing conditions of our planetary cultures and ushered in a massive 
transition toward the unknown.  Of course, one can admit that every day, 
every moment, ushers in fresh creation toward the unknown. However, the 
psychic energy released September 11th and in the following days, is most 
unusual.  We must attend to the suffering and to the healing that calls to us 
each moment as we individually and collectively tune in to the aftermath, 
which continues to unfold, moment by moment, and will do so for some time to 
come. Of course, first we must attend to our own suffering, shock, and need 
for healing.

However, the psychic forces unleashed September 11th also offer us a great 
opportunity to support the evolution of consciousness and conscience in our 
time. In my mind the two most singular qualities that were unleashed on that 
awesome day were the forces of power and of love.  I believe that the 
dialectical discussion and the tension that now faces the population of this 
planet, in stark clarity, centers around the harmonization these two forces. 
The primary question posed before us right now is: "How may we best support 
this harmonization?"

When I think of what we can do at this moment, I am overwhelmed. This is not 
because there is so much fear and negativity in our world at this time. 
Admittedly there is much of this right now and it can be quite wounding and 
disorienting. But I am mostly overwhelmed right now because there is the 
possibility of so much positivity! In my life, and perhaps in some of yours, 
never before has such a psychic release happened in this world. This release 
offers tremendous opportunities to serve toward the betterment of life on 
this planet.  No doubt many in my nation and elsewhere will use this 
situation to strengthen the more degenerative and destructive elements among 
us. They may or may not do so consciously. But certainly the officers and 
members of The Sufi Healing Order now have the challenge to attend to need 
for healing and to use this moment as an initiation into greater realms of 
consciousness and conscience. Each of us can take this opportunity to search 
deeply within our individual and collective experiences, and to be present to 
the need for on-going healing as well as to actions that affirm life in a 
loving, harmonious and beautiful manner.

 I call to the leaders of the Healing Activity of the Sufi Movement, The 
Dervish Healing Order, and The Fraternity of Light (a Sufi offshoot in the 
USA), to join with us to perform a series of Healing Services over the next 
three to five months, at the same time, wherever we may serve throughout the 
world. I have suggested coordinating time around 10 AM - 12 Noon (EST/USA), 
on third Sunday of each month beginning October 20th.

In the meantime, as far as our thoughts and action goes, there is a need 
attend to two different realms simultaneously - the inner world and the outer 
world. Being present to our breath and then to the physical, emotional, 
mental, moral and spiritual activity that flows within each of us is most 
useful at this time. Attuning to the silsila of the masters, saints, and 
prophets of all the world religions is also most useful during times such as 
this. Outwardly we may live as much as possible in the heart!  In doing this 
we might naturally desire to attend to the healing needs of our brothers and 
sisters.  Let us support and celebrate spiritual community as never before! 
Let us consider how to bring greater love, compassion, peace, illumination
and unity into everyday interactions.

Greetings from the heart,
Himayat Inayati