The Sufi Order, The Universal Worship work. Hazrat Inayat Khan


Vol. 1, Issue 1, [fall, 1994]

A Journal for the International Community of Cherags

New Edition of the Addresses to Cherags: 

During the mid-1920's, shortly after the inspiration for the Universal Worship, Siraj-un-Munir Inayat Khan delivered a series of talks for Cherags in which he described the vision of the Universal Worship, its relationship to the Message, the function of the Cherag and discussed many topics concerning religion and spirituality. These talks have been collected as The Addresses to Cherags which is the most important text for a Cherag or candidate to study. We have recently prepared a new edition of The Addresses in an easier to read format and with an expanded index. To order a copy of this new edition contact the International Secretariat (26 First Street, Albany, NY 12210). The cost is $ 15 plus $ 3 postage. Make checks payable to the Universal Worship Fund.