The Sufi Order, The Universal Worship work. Hazrat Inayat Khan


Vol. 1, Issue 1, [fall, 1994]

A Journal for the International Community of Cherags

Changes in the Service: 

A number of optional changes have been made in the service in recent years. These include:  

1) Substituting "the Jewish religion" or "the religion of Judaism" for "the Hebrew religion."  

2) The following attributes may be used as options: Judaism - The Divine Covenant Taoism - The Divine Harmony Native American - use The Divine Nature, not the Divine Spirit  

3) When lighting the final candle the correct phrase is "through the darkness of human ignorance," not "amidst...".  

4) Please do not omit the Zoroastrian candle by substituting another tradition. Murshid had a special connection with this tradition and its presence in the Universal Worship service has enabled many people to discover a deep connection with the values of this tradition.