The Sufi Order, The Universal Worship work. Hazrat Inayat Khan


Vol. 1, Issue 2, [fall, 1994]

A Journal for the International Community of Cherags


At the recent leaders’ training and retreat I spent some time talking with Suhrawardi Gebel, who is a Retreat Guide, Cherag, and Northeast Regional Representative, about retreats for Cherags. He related to me that he has led a number of these retreats and recently sent me a copy of the format he has used for a 3 day retreat for Cherags. The format is rich in practices, wazifa’, zikr, readings, and attunements to several masters, saints, and prophets.  

As Cherags we spend a great deal of time studying the sacred scriptures of different religious traditions, but how much time do we spend attuning to the great beings in whose steps we follow? In the Addresses to Cherags, Murshid reminds us: “And when he(she) raises the book and mentions the name of a certain message, to think at that time of the messenger who brought that message, and to feel and realize that he(she) is at one-ment with that messenger.” (p. 5) What better way to nourish this at one-ment than for us to take a retreat with this very focus! If you would like some more information about the structure of this retreat you can contact  

Suhrawardi at 29 Sherman Street #2, Cambridge MA 02138, phone 617-547-2579  

or myself, Amina Stockton at 2121 Hunter’s Cove Dr, Lawrenceville, GA 30244, phone 404-963-5042.  
This material is very complementary to the material in the publication, Allow Us To Recognize Thee and would be great to incorporate into a class on this subject. I am offering such a class in September to help us to attune to these great beings, and to discover the ways in which we are called upon in our everyday lives to be masters, saints, and prophets.