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Why scurry about looking for the truth? 
It vibrates in every thing and every not-thing, right off the tip of your nose. 
Can you be still and see it in the mountain? 
the pine tree? 
Don't imagine that you'll discover it by accumulating more knowledge. 
Knowledge creates doubt, 
and doubt makes you ravenous for more knowledge. 
You can't get full eating this way. 
The wise person dines on something more subtle: 
He eats the understanding that the named was born from the unnamed, that all being flows from non- being, that the describable world emanates from an indescribable source. 
He finds this subtle truth inside his own self, 
and becomes completely content. 
So who can be still and watch the chess game of the world? 
The foolish are always making impulsive moves, but the wise know that victory and defeat are decided by something more subtle. 
They see that something perfect exists before any move is made. 
This subtle perfection deteriorates when artificial actions are taken, 
so be content not to disturb the peace. 
Remain quiet. 
Discover the harmony in your own being. Embrace it. 
If you can do this, you will gain everything, and the world will become healthy again. 
If you can't, you will be lost in the shadows forever.