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Ritual for a Same Gender Union
Siraj Ahmaddin as-salik abd'allah
In California at least there is a growing need for some sort of ritual to bind together domestic partners who are of the same sex.  I have written a ritual to accomodate same and send it to you for your use in the cheraglibrary:
06/22/98 - Siraj Ahmaddin as-salik abd'allah

A Universal Worship Service shall be offered through the readings.  Nine
candles shall be lit on the altar: The Goddess Religion, the Hindu
Religion, the Buddhist Religion, the Zoroastrian Religion, the Native
American Religion, the Hebrew Religion, the Christian Religion, the
Religion of Islam and the Spirit of Guidance. 

The theme for the readings shall be "Love."  After the reading from the Gayan, the two who wish to be united shall come forward and stand before the Altar, carrying lit candles in their right hands, their left hands clasped upon the Gayan.  The
Cherag/a, who shall be standing to their left, shall pray the following
prayer over them:

Beloved God, who has granted to us all things necessary for union with You,
and has commanded us to love one another, protect in Your holiness, Lord
and lover of good, these Your servants who love each other according to
Your Commandment, and have come into this holy place to be blessed and
consecrated by You.  Grant them  faithfulness, love, and peace,  and bestow
also upon them all those things which will inspire them to be united with
You forever. 1  Amin.

If  rings are exchanged, now is the time for it to happen.   Then the
Cherag/a hugs the couple, and  offers the traditional closing benediction:

May the Blessing of God rest upon you, may God's peace abide with you, may
God's  Presence illuminate your hearts now and forever more.

(Optional:  the Cherag kisses them on the cheek and invites them to kiss
each other).


1. Same Sex Unions in pre-modern Europe, John Boswell. Appendix of
Translations, note 84, Page 898.  I have taken the liberty of changing the
wording of this prayer to suit our particular needs.