Vol. 2, Issue 3, 1995 

A Journal for the International Community of Cherags 

Greetings from Heartsong

Dear Hamid,  

So many years have past since we last saw one another. I have enjoyed the "Lamp of the Message" that you so kindly sent. As I am a seraj in the Ruhaniat Order I was deeply impressed and encouraged to read your letter to Murshid Moineddin about connecting the work of the Universal Worship with the three orders. Despite the differences in some of the teachings of our orders, the Universal Worship service is very similar in all the orders. In two weeks the Ruhaniat Order will hold a jamiat in Kansas City and the serajs will discuss this with Murshid Moineddin. I am hoping that we can overcome any separation and move forward in spreading the Message of the Unity of Religious Ideals that was the dream of Hazrat Inayat Khan.  

Heartsong has grown since it was formed in 1981, the Heartsong Shrine is looking fine with a nice hardwood floor set in a mandala design. The building is octagonal with the east wall having an altar for services. We now have a dining hall not too far for community pot lucks. A Service of Universal Peace is held twice a month on Sundays with a childrens service prior. While the adult service is going on the children are doing craft projects pertaining to the theme of their service over in the dining hall.We seem to love potlucks and follow the service with one. It has become a vital part of this community. Many of the locals think of it as their "church". Our annual candlelight Christmas eve service followed by carols and feast have become a tradition as is the Easter service followed by an egg hunt for children. There are five cherags and we join together or take turns alone preparing the service. Many weeks we hold Dances of Universal Peace within the service. A service will bring from twelve to thirty locals which has surprised me because I did not think that many people in a rural area would be interested.  

Our community has grown and we hold retreats, zikrs, dances, workshops Mevlevi classes and let other groups use the facilities. There are three other families living on the land fulltime with two more planning to retire here soon...  

Peace and Light to you,