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Vol. 2, Issue 3, 1995 

A Journal for the International Community of Cherags

All of the following materials are from the last unpublished issue from Winter, 1995

A Note from the Editor

For those of you who have been wondering what happened to Lamp of the Message wonder no more. Here it is and this will be the form it will be taking for some time. I apologise for the one year absence of the LAMP and ask your forgiveness. During this last year we became increasingly poverty-stricken both in time and financial resources which culminated in a heart attack for me at the end of October, 1996. But fear not! Other than the $40,000.00 worth of medical expences for which I have neither insurance nor money, I seem to be in good cariovascular health for many years to come.  

I regret that I will not be able to send physical copies of the Lamp to the nearly 600 cherags who were receiving them but the subscriptions were not providing the needed income for printing and postal expences. I shall have to satisfy myself with the thought that I will be reaching a more global, all be it smaller, audience (for the moment at least). 

About everything in this issue is from the last unpublished issue from the Winter of 1995-96, in other words, a year old. Soon I will begin uploading the Spring-97 issue in which I hope to be caught back up again.  


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