Vol. 1, Issue 1, [fall, 1994]

A Journal for the International Community of Cherags

A Note From the Editor

My Fellow Cherags,  

Welcome to this first issue of “The Lamp of the Message”. For those few of you reading this who happen to know me you will be wondering, “What in the world is Hamid doing as editor of this newsletter?” I got a computer! I started messing around with it to my wife's regret and fabricated a pilot newsletter as a project to figure out how to use this crazy thing which I sent to Prajapati. He said, “How about a national newsletter?” “Why not!” I said. “Let’s try it.” So there you have it. That’s how things start, almost by accident! What is that story about how God got us humans to take on the physical form when none of God’s other creatures were willing? We said,”We’ll try!” and here we are. So while we’re here let’s try our best and see what we can do! The hardest part of anything is figuring out how to get it started and having the courage (or naiveness) to begin. Please subscribe and especially please participate in this newsletter. If we will only work together great things will happen! I would like to thank Prajapati O’ Neill for have the confidence in me to start up this newsletter and also Rev. Jacob Kabb in Denver for submitting the enclosed article. Also I would like to thank Rev. Amina Stockton in Atlanta who, having the same publishing program as I am using, offered to lend a hand in keeping this publication moving. Personally, I would really love to see lots of interesting and creative material in my mail box. The more the better!  

Blessings, Rev.Hamid Touchon  



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